Teacher Joan

Joan Ferreira is a qualified junior phase (Grades 1 to 3) teacher with an ECD teaching diploma, and is the principal of our school. Having been part of the Roosevelt family since January 1993, Joan is passionate about supporting children’s growth and development by preparing an environment that is conducive to independent exploration, discovery and learning.

“Children need to truly play if they are to learn – play is learning.”

Teacher Colleen

As the teacher of our oldest (Grade 00/R) group, Colleen Wentzel has an education diploma with ECD as a major, and has been with us since January 2016. Proud to work at a nurturing educational centre that is developing young children through mindful play, Colleen is inspired by both her fellow teachers and the incredible children that she works with every day.

“The ethos of learning through play inspires me to find new and exciting ways to teach and encourage others to see how beneficial this is to learning.”

Teacher Jean

A member of the Roosevelt family since being employed in January 1997, Jean Grose’s qualifications include a senior phase (Grades 4 to 7) teaching diploma, as well as an ECD diploma. As the teacher for our 4-year-old group, Jean says she is filled with wonder every day, and that she believes that school is about reciprocal learning – we are all teachers in the classroom.  

“I have learnt to value the intrinsic knowledge that each child has, and to take the role of facilitating rather than directing their learning.”

Teacher Boni

Bonita Bowen has been part of our family since January 2013, where she teaches our youngest group, the toddlers. With a degree in education and an ECD diploma, Boni is passionate and thankful for the opportunity to make a whole bunch of children feel loved, accepted, at ease in a school environment, and confident in who they are for the first step of their journey. 

“We love each child. Each child is noticed and valued as unique and precious in their own right.”  


A much-beloved part of our school family, Charity Mahlanga is a floating teacher’s assistant, helping our teachers out across the school and assisting where needed since starting with us in January 2020. In addition to this, Charity is our warm and loving aftercare childminder, running the afterschool programme with fun and enthusiasm.


A core member of our school family since 2004, Nkele Molotsi loves working with young children and is the classroom assistant to Teacher Boni in the toddler’s group, helping to foster a warm, caring environment for all of our littlest school-goers.


Since heading up administration for the school in January 2005, Leigh Thomas has become an invaluable part of our family, credited more than once with keeping the whole school together! Inspired by the community, Leigh is driven by her daily interactions with the Roosevelt family that make it an exceptional place to work.


Employed as our school gardener, Ronnie is a warm, kind, and hardworking asset to the school, and is appreciated by both the children and staff.


Known for her delicious cooking and warm smile, Lucy Moyo has worked as our school housekeeper since January 2005. Always willing to go the extra mile for the school, Lucy is a favourite among the kids for her famous mac & cheese! 


Since joining our school in May 2009 as a cleaner, Belina Motaung quickly became an imperative part of our support team, and a friendly face to all. 

I’ve gotten to know the education game in SA pretty intimately over 10 years of Buzzing in hundreds of schools. Let me tell you: this one is the greatest of them all. Them all! Education like this, these days, is near impossible to find. Learning through play. Immersed, engaged, experiential fun learning. The love and sincere care for these children is tangible. I’m so grateful that my son goes to RPPS and if I could, I’d leave him there until Matric!
Hanneke Mackie
As a mom, there is so much I love about RPPS, but my absolute favourite thing is how well each of the teachers knows my kids. The teachers take time to really understand what makes each kid tick, and their quirks and eccentricities are celebrated! As an OT, RPPS ticks all the boxes... the kids are exposed to play and adventure and learning daily. The teachers understand and value play and it's vital part in our children's development. I have seen each of my 3 kids blossom and grow in confidence in this happy environment.
Kath Gradidge
My various kids attended RPPS for over 6 years. It is the most fantastic school I have ever come across - a kind, loving, gentle environment where kids are given the freedom to learn through play. They are exposed to all kinds of cool things, with amazing, dedicated staff to guide them. If you are looking for a school for your little kiddies do yourself and them a favour and visit our school.
Helen Muller

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